Links to Valuable Consumer Information


1. Nine Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Costs. Tips on what to do to lower your expenses. Includes a chart to compare discounts.

2. New Car Buying Guide. Discuss pricing terms, financing options, and various contracts.

3. How To Get A Great Deal On A New Car.


1. Making Sense of Savings. How to compare different banking accounts, services and fees, questions to ask about interest rates, and service charges.

2. Getting What You Pay For: Weights and Measures Tips for Consumers. Gasoline, groceries, and firewood are sold by weights and measures. Learn how to bargain hunt for good buys.

3. Buying Time: The Facts About Pre-Paid Phone Cards. How to buy long distance telephone services in advance.

4. Federal Credit Unions. What benefits and services are offered and how to become a member.

5. An IRS Audit. Explains what an audit is, and factors that may trigger one. Here's advice that includes how to appeal the results.

III. Credit

1. Consumer Handbook to Credit Protection Laws. Explains how consumer credit laws can help you apply for credit, keep up a good credit standing, and complain about an unfair deal.

2. Fair Debt Collection. Describes what debt collectors may and may not do if you owe money. How and where to complain if you are harassed, threatened, or abused.

3. Choosing & Using Credit Cards. Credit cards vary widely in their charges and how fees are calculated. Learn how to compare
costs for the best deal.

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